Mirboo History

There doesn’t seem to be much around about Mirboo history. Everyone seems to know about Mirboo North and when you say you live in Mirboo they assume you mean Mirboo North. Well people, Mirboo is actually 10 kilometres south east of of Mirboo North lying in a valley where flows the Tarwin River (east branch). Pity Mirboo North does not have a river.

It is a puzzle why Mirboo was call Mirboo and Mirboo North was called Mirboo North. Mirboo was situated in the parish of “Mirboo South” and Mirboo North was situated in the Parish of “Mirboo” both in the county of Buln Buln.

Mirboo was proclaimed a township in 1894 with a population of 869 whilst Mirboo North was proclaimed in 1885 with a population of 1086.

To start off the history please have a look at the picture collection of Mirboo through the ages below and keep visiting this blog for further updates.

This is a collection of photographs of Mirboo’s past history. Photographs will be added as they become available. Sorry for the quality of some of them.

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