Mirboo is a charming small spread-out community situated within the slopes of the Strzelecki Ranges. It’s notable in that it used to be a flourishing community that included a school, pub, community hall and some shops. It even had its own post office. For whatever reason (Some say that it was because they could not get a train line through.) it quietly became a backwater forgotten about whilst it’s neighbour, Mirboo North increased in significance.

Mirboo today, still has a community, still has a community hall (Although not the original one that still exists), it’s own recreation centre as well as lots of houses whose owners continue to live in peaceful seclusion among the rich farms of which abound the region. Many of the homes lie alongside the “Tarwin” river which provides an abundance of fishing for trout and eels in addition to fresh water crays. From time to time one can catch glimpses of kangaroos, koala bears, platypuses, and wombats in addition to a large variety of native birds and flora that abound the area.

The region all-around Mirboo is abundantly wooded although not to the extent that causes a great fear of fires that Australia is famous for. Most homes are highly cultivated with carefully tended gardens. It is located within the “South Gippsland” shire council area, a shire that is rich in history, hiking trails, local products and seaside towns that you can visit. Wilsons Promontory is likewise in this shire region in which the website www.visitpromcountry.com.au got its name.

The great thing about Mirboo is that it is in easy reach of major towns, seaside resorts, snowfields and secluded hiking areas.  The famous “Grand Ridge Road” bypasses Mirboo a short distance away. Although Mirboo is off the beaten track it is but a two hour drive from that great metropolis, Melbourne or if one wants to use public transport there is a but a short drive to parking where one can catch a bus or train.